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Tumwater Vineyard

Tumwater Vineyard & Barrel House


It all started with making a good home for the grapes.

This place held promise for much more than the rugged fields and scattered stands of fir trees foretold. After careful planning and site preparation, the professionals were brought in to evaluate what grapes would grow best here on Pete's Mountain; three acres of Chardonnay & 19 acres of Pinot Noir. The rows were plotted to make the best use of how the sun moved across the sky. The soil was turned and stakes set in place. Acre after acre, the vines were planted and strung up to take what nature had for them in this new home. One never quite knows what will happen. We waited. We were delighted to have harvested 1,575 cases of fruit in 2018, enough to produce our Estate Pinot Noir Rosé, Stainless Chardonnay and Barrel Select Chardonnay.


Photogallery rendered here.


Looking forward, we envision being able to offer four additional Estate Pinot Noir wines in 2023. Until then, we have been blessed to partner with local vineyards for a splendid selection of classic wines to enjoy right here in this special place we call Tumwater Reserve. 


Tumwater Vineyard Room
July 1, 2021 | Tumwater Vineyard Room

Announcing the Rose Brute Sparkling Wine 2015

Announcing Sparkling Wine Rose Brut. This wine embodies the flavors of summer and fresh baked goods to which we say yum! Take in the aroma of Bing cherries, bakers yeast & red plum before savoring the delicious flavors of strawberry-rhubarb pie, brioche & cranberries. Your palette will be saying délicieuse. Come in and taste at any of our events.

Small batch tasting November 2016

With a smile and a pause to take in the bouquet, we sampled our very first small batch of wine from the 2016 harvest.  There was just enough wine to share between those gathered.


"It tasted like victory" was the response from Gordon Root, Principal developer of the Tumwater property.  Well said Gordon, it has been one long row to hoe.  Let us raise a glass to the future of this vineyard and the grateful heart we share in seeing it come to fruition.  Cheers! 


Our Winemaker

Laurent Montalieu

Laurent attended the Institute of Oenology of Bordeaux, where he immersed himself in studies of vineyard management and winemaking. He worked in California’s Napa Valley before moving to Oregon. Laurent has gained the respect of industry leaders and professionals with his passion for the highest quality standards in the vineyard coupled with a philosophy of minimal intervention in the production of hand-crafted wines. He produces Tumwater wines at his state-of-the-art winemaking facility in nearby Dundee, Oregon.


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