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October 8, 2020 | Tumwater Vineyard Marketing

Harvest Time 2020

Harvest has Begun!

Vineyard Viticulture Specialist and Manager Bruno, is monitoring the grapes very carefully every day here at the Vineyard. They are checked for sugar and content to determine timing for the grape picking to ensure the best quality of the wine produced from these grapes. The harvest began last weekend for the Pinot Noir varietals here at the vineyard and next week it will be time to pick the Chardonnay!



View from the Chardonnay Grapes along the hillside at Tumwater Vineyard in West Linn



Our Vineyard Viticulture Specialist and Manager Bruno, checking the grapes back in early springtime



The Chardonnay grapes at Tumwater Vineyard the beginning of the growing season, look how cute and tiny they were?!  May 2020



The Chardonnay grapes at the end of the growing season, plump and full of sugar and sunshine.  Almost ready to pick, October 2020



The collection of the current harvest of Pinot Noir (red wine) grapes in bins that will safely transport the grapes to our winemaking facility where they will be crushed and turned into juice


Stay tuned for more pics of Harvest Time at Tumwater Vineyard to come!


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